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Wine & Dine review

Wine & Dine review of “Manager” Magazine, author: Elina Spasova

The newly-constructed “Kaliakria” complex is said to be the new pearl of our Northern Seaside. It is located 15 km away from Balchik in the direction of Durankulak. There are several signs along the main road, directing you to the road, leading to the complex. And although I strongly oppose the development of our beautiful shores and beaches with any type of complexes, I can’t help to admit that we were pleasantly surprised by its modern concept, offering unique Mediterranean atmosphere, mixed with traditional Bulgarian elements, designed by the famous Spanish architects Kloster & Notenson. But what literally enchanted us was the breathtaking view of the entire bay of cape Kaliakra. And that is where, after the successful start of the first Totally Romantic Bar at the Kabakum beach in Varna, the tandem Totally Erected transferred the magic of romance with its new bar Totally Romantic Kaliakria, located in the heart of the complex. Probably the appropriate name of this bar would be Totally Dzen, because here one can spend hours of real nirvana, enjoying the magnificent view with the background of a nice chill-out music, holding a refreshing cocktail in one’s hand. The artistic setting and creative concept of the designer Veronika Vapirova, combined with the incredible swimming-pool, which literally merges with the sea at the horizon, fill you with the feeling of sweet timelessness.


In case meanwhile, tired of romance, you just happen to get hungry, ask for the “Turquoise” Bistro, if you have missed it, when entering the complex. This is our new discovery in the list of delicious places. Apart from the particularly pleasing design, we were really glad to find out that the owners offer food, cooked with only the freshest and top-quality products from the region from spices to fish. In order to fully conform to that idea, they already have their own garden, which is to expand in the future, but it currently fully responsible for the provision of tomatoes. You can see it, while sitting on the nice terrace and eating one of the dainty salads. And if it occurs to you that the list of fish is too short, you can be reassured that that is all that the sea could provide in that day. And you just have to check out the soups… and particularly the tomato soup you can order it hot or cold, at a price of BGN 4. It is marvelous in both versions. The offered salads are the classical mixed, “Cesar”, green, Mediterranean and “shopska”, ranging in price between BGN 4 and 9. The offered pasta includes the “Bolognese Spaghetti  - BGN 9, and “PrimaveraTagliatelle BGN 8. It is not freshly made on the spot, but it is Barilla for sure. Don’t miss the classical risotto with edible boleta. With lavishly sprinkled large Parmigianino scales. Every day you will be surprised by the new proposals of the chef, who’s resume includes working at some of the best restaurants in Sofia. Finally you can cool down with a nice fresh juice. And then why don’t go back to Totally Romantic.



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