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Closing party 2008

By Ivette Dobromirova, Pro-p-r Agency

In the company of the Karandila orchestra and under the now almost autumn rays of the warm sun, the guests of the resort were able to say “goodbye” to the summer of 2008 with lots of smiles and high spirits. The party was an incredible mix of hot Gypsy and Balkan rhythms, inspiring wild dances, and it transformed into an actual feast of the leaving summer, bearing the scent of sea breeze and unforgettable memories beside the romantic white tents of the second Totally Romantic Bar. It is not by chance that the journalists of the Manager Wine and Dine magazine dubbed it “Totally Dzen”. Throughout the summer one of the most attractive and stylish recreation locations at the Bulgarian Black-Seaside, offered its guests, good feeling and unique atmosphere. The second Totally Romantic Bar added to the unforgettable vacation experience at the picturesque northern beaches of the Black Sea, also thanks to the well selected and organised concert schedule. One of the most beautiful pool bars in Bulgaria provided its guests with an exceptional sensuous experience – unique live musical performances in various styles and genres, romantic atmosphere, champagne and summer cocktails, and all these – accompanied by picturesque sea landscapes.



In its first season, Kaliakria proved the strength of its style. Since the season opening with the first regatta Kaliakria Cup 2008 and the party of the world famous DJ Eva Gardner and until the final thematic party, celebrating the beginning of the Indian summer, the resort provided its guests with the pleasure and comfort of the modern luxurious tourism. Every Saturday Totally Romantic attracted guests from all over Bulgaria with its thematic parties and guest stars, as the furore caused by Beloslava, deserves special mentioning.



Apart from the comfort of the luxurious apartments in Mediterranean style, the guests enjoyed the unique cuisine of the Turquoise bistro, considered by the Bulgarian experts to be one of the best seaside restaurants in Bulgaria.

With its thematic evenings, unforgettable parties every Friday and Saturday and the special barbeque lunch pleasures in the weekends, Kaliakria managed to transform the vacation into a real joy of life and even into a feast of soul:).

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